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Lady Americana

LA BILTMORE Backmaster Series

LA BILTMORE Backmaster Series

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Backmaster Series

Thickness: 12″

Anti-Static, Knitted Fabric – An Anti-Static technology from Belgium that neutralizes your body static during sleep.

De-Stress – A technology using a conductive yarn designed to drain out the electrons in your body to ensure you a relieved and relax.

Designed to give you the ultimate support and deluxe vacation sleep experience in your own home.


    • De-Stress
    • Relaxes & Relieves Stress
    • Improves Spinal Alignment
    • Minimal Partner Disturbance
    • Anti-dustmite 
    • Anti-microbial
    • Anti-bacterial
    • 7 Zone Independence Pocket Spring
    • Anti-Static
    • 15 Years Warranty

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